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  • Talent needed

    Talents with independent thinking, unity and cooperation, and the courage to constantly challenge new things.

  • Advocated tree-person policy

    Provide opportunities for challenges, cultivate talents with high enthusiasm for international business activities through self-growth, education and guidance.

  • Working Environment

    Respect the development of individuality and diversity of employees, create a workplace environment that is healthy and safe, and can enhance employees' enthusiasm for work.

  • Evaluation and treatment

    Through the communication between the boss and the subordinate, the work results of each person are fairly evaluated and treated fairly.

Latest Recruitment
Hobbing Technician(5person) manufacturing Dongguan Guangdong 2022/05/20-2022/12/31

1. More than 3 years of practical work experience;

2. Can use 3D software independently to draw various 2D and 3D models and write tool paths;

3. Can independently and reasonably arrange the processing procedures of the workpiece and the clamping of the workpiece;

4. Have a strong sense of work responsibility and a correct work attitude;

Position Description:

1. Programming and operating the gear hobbing machine;

2. Complete the processing of test samples;

3. Process and manufacture according to the drawings provided;

4. Daily use and management of tools;

5. Daily maintenance of machine tools, timely confirmation and update of consumables;

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